March 07, 2005

School Uniforms and Thought Crimes

Last week a Muslim girl won her case at appeal to be able to wear the Jilbab as opposed to the shalwar kameez which had been approved by the local Iman as correctly modest. For not obeying school rules she has not attended for two years, and then people wonder why the education acheivements amoungst muslim groups is so low, but on winnning her case she claimed it was a political point and that she was doing it to defend Islam
"it was a consequence of an atmosphere that has been created in Western societies post 9/11, an atmosphere in which Islam has been made a target for vilification in the name of the 'war on terror'"
Rather than that she was just feeling awkward and didn't feel like obeying the rules anymore. Luckily this judgement does not give the right to disobey whatever rules interfere with your fassion sence as some, including the young woman in question, had thought, as both courts ruled that havign a school uniform was good, and the way that it was decided was good. The only problem was a small item of paperwork. So what you do and why you do it doesn't matter, so long as you have some bit of paper, drafted by a lawer in proper legalese, to cover you.


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